Weekend Update

A quick Saturday digest of cybersecurity news articles from other sources.

3 ways the CI/CD approach to software has made work better for developers

The software industry has gotten much better at breaking big projects down into smaller chunks, according to one CTO.  (CISSP Domain 8)

When cryptography attacks – how TLS helps malware hide in plain sight

No IT technology feels quite as much of ...

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Friday Phish Fry

 Phishing Email Alerts

Catch of the Day:  Target Invoice Phish

Chef’s Special:  Domain Renewal Phish

Examples of clever phish that made it past my spam filters and into my Inbox, or from clients, or reliable sources on the Internet.

I would be delighted to accept suspicious phishing examples from you.  Please forward your email to phish@wyzguys.com.

My intention is to provide ...

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Guest Post – IoT Surveillance Software for Businesses

The internet of things is a revolution in itself, connecting not so techy objects and things over secured networks with one another, supporting M2M (machine to machine) communication and facilitating the lifestyles of millions. Whether we talk about connected homes or offices, automated manufacturing facilities or personalized customer services; IoT’s sphere of application is ever growing and scaling. From small to large, all sizes of business facilities conclude some benefits from IoT based technological infrastructures, whether to ...

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